CB Association


It is the mission of The Conservative Bible Association (CBA) to support and strengthen local churches who are the foundation for fulfilling the Great Commission.  We believe that local churches are autonomous, and associations do not govern them.  In addition, CBA assists para-church organizations and businesses seeking to give to missions (BAM) with training, guidance, and resources to also help support and strengthen local churches.  We believe in conserving the authority of the Bible by guarding against man’s traditions, which may attempt to override the Bible’s authority and local church methodology in building the Kingdom of God.

If your church, para-church organization, or business would like to be a member of the association, then open the By-Laws and Covenant links below and read them.  If interested in joining, then please email the signed CBA Covenant to [email protected].  CBA has a team of researchers that use documents, phone calls, emails, and on-site surveys to verify that a church or para-church organization is legitimate.  We do our best to make sure organizations have good administrative practices, and are operating with the Bible as their authority.  After our review, we will then email you the signed and approved association certificate along with the Ministry Verification Seal to use on your website, email templates, paperwork, etc.

Downloadable Links:

CBA By-Laws

CBA Covenant

Local Ministry Recommendation