Join the Team

Step 1

We are looking for mature stable Christians to be “Managers” for different regions of the world. Most of the time a region would mean country, but some countries are so large either by population or geography that multiple “Managers” are needed. If you are interested, then email us here.

Step 2

Some regions already have Managers ready to assist. Managers are looking for “Coaches” to train that will be responsible for different local teams. The “Coach” will be the one leading the team in evangelism, discipleship, and the different sports activities. If you are interested in being a “Coach” then email us and we will forward your request to your regional manager.

Step 3

Coaches are responsible for being creative in getting players recruited from their regions. “Team Players” are presented the Gospel message at each sports gathering. Saved or not they still may begin the discipleship program while further seeds are being planted into their lives.

Step 4

Once a team is in place the players begin a 14 week discipleship program. Once the discipleship program is completed they are awarded the bronze medal. Once the bronze medalist disciples another person they receive the silver medal. Once the silver medalist disciples another person they receive the gold medal. Once an individual has received the gold medal they can be considered for the position of “Team Captain” and may be appointed by the Coach to begin another team. This is how the Champions ministry multiplies itself.