When examining what the Bible says about homosexuality, it is important to distinguish between homosexual behavior and homosexual inclinations or attractions. It is the difference between active sin and the passive condition of being tempted. Homosexual behavior is sinful, but the Bible never says that temptation is a sin. Simply stated, a struggle with temptation may lead to sin, but the struggle itself is not a sin.

ローマ1:26–27 同性愛は神を否定し、それに従わないことの結果であると教えています。人々が罪と不信仰を持ち続けると、神はさらに邪悪で堕落した罪を「彼らに与え」、神から離れた人生の無益さと絶望を示します。神に対する反逆の成果の一つは同性愛です。 第一コリント6:9 同性愛を実践し、それゆえ神の創造された秩序を犯す者は救われないと宣言している。

に 1コリント6:11、パウロは彼らにこう教えています。 だった。しかし、あなたは洗われ、あなたは聖化され、あなたは主イエス・キリストの名において、そして私たちの神の霊によって正当化されました。言い換えると、一部のコリント人は、救われる前は同性愛者のライフスタイルを送っていました。しかし、罪がイエスの清めの力にとって大きすぎるということはありません。清められると、私たちはもはや罪によって定義されなくなります。

同性愛行動に従事する誘惑は多くの人にとって非常に現実的です。人々はいつも自分が感じる方法やものを制御できるとは限りませんが、 できる それらの感情で彼らがすることを制御する (ペテロ第一1:5–8)。私たちは皆、誘惑に抵抗する責任があります (エフェソス6:13)。私たちは皆、心の更新によって変容しなければなりません (ローマ12:2)。私たちは皆、「肉の欲望を満たして」いないように「霊によって歩む」必要があります (ガラテヤ人への手紙5:16)。


ローマ人への手紙1:26–27; 12:2; 1コリント6:9-11;ガラテヤ5:16;エペソ6:13; 1ペテロ1:5–8

One of the most divisive topics in all of Christianity today is the issue of homosexuality. There have been many errors on both sides of this issue. On one side, the issue has become an issue of prejudice and not an issue of someone struggling with sin. There has led to an attitude of self-righteousness which should never be said of Christians.

Another error says that if you don’t agree with me then you hate me. Separating this statement from the argument makes it clear that it is not true. But the emotional response of many who are living in a homosexual lifestyle who may have been mistreated or have taken on the victimization of someone else who has been mistreated is very strong.

A third error today is churches who are willing to compromise the clear teaching of God’s Word and accept people living in a homosexual lifestyle as though it were not a sin. This welcoming of sin as though it were right is a clear violation of the Word of God and opens doors of judgment. Isaiah 5:20.

ノート: This is not the only area in which some churches are struggling with the truth. There are churches today that are willfully ignoring people committing adultery in order to keep donations coming. Divorce for any reason has become widely accepted. Abortion has become accepted by some as a compassionate response. One of the keys underlying this is that there are a significant number of churches and denominations that believe that the Bible contains the Word of God not that it is the Word of God.

As Christians who believe that the Bible teaches that practicing homosexuality is a sin, we need to be careful not to falsely accuse, use hurtful labels, or treat those who disagree any different than we would any other sinner. That does not mean that we condone or accept their behavior as right.

We need to be kind and show grace to those who are struggling. And yet at the same time be firm in our convictions about the truth of the Word of God. We need the wisdom of the Holy Spirit in how to handle this situation with grace and wisdom.